Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog Beauty Boss. Beauty Boss is a collective of beauty entrepreneurs, a platform to share stories and experiences,  and a collaborative center that brings these “bosses” together. Taking after the name, Beauty Boss, we created this platform to be a space where anyone interested in the beauty industry can come and find inspiration and advice,  through browsing our archive of our Beauty Bosses. Each week, we will be featuring a series of beauty entrepreneurs around the world through full length and mini interviews about their passions, businesses, talents, and goals. As these beauty boss’ change the world one lipstick at a time, we hope to highlight their stories and bridge the gap between the lovers of the beauty industry and entrepreneurs within the field.

As for me, well from a young age, I have had an avid interest in the beauty industry. As a current business student, I decided to combine my my love of beauty and business to create Beauty Boss. My hope is that Beauty Boss will grow into a platform where beauty lovers can come to learn something new, find inspiration, discover beauty entrepreneurs and their successful ventures and brands, and ultimately, make new relationships through online communication. I hope you enjoy reading about these various Beauty Bosses as much as I loved speaking to them.