Annie Chen: Chen’s Salon

September 11, 2017


Annie Chen opened Chen’s Salon 20 years ago in Mumbai, India. This salon offers a variety of services from hair styling, nail services, and hair removal services. Read on to find out more about Annie Chen’s journey:

1) What inspired you to become a stylist?

My mom was a hair dresser and owned a salon. Growing up, I would also be around and help her out. That is how I got into hair styling and what inspired me to open my own salon.

2) Where did you do all your training?

I started off in London and took lessons under a Korean hairstylist.  I then traveled to Hong Kong and Malaysia to continue my training. I then learned that Japan had introduced this hair straightening process. I traveled to Nagoya to learn how to bond the hair.

3) How do you describe the aesthetic of your salon?

I describe it as creative as I love experimenting with new hair styles. I get my inspiration from Hollywood and various runway looks. At the end of the day, I love to please my clients. If my clients have a demand, I like to see that I can fix their problem.

4) In Mumbai there over hundreds of salons. What differentiates your salons from others?

I was actually one of the first people in Mumbai to introduce the process of bonding of the hair. (permanent straightening). That is the USP of my salon and that is where I built my clientele 20 years ago.

Now every other salon offers the bonding process. The way I like to differentiate is myself is by not just following trends, but catering to my client’s needs and trying new styles

5)What was the biggest challenge in running a salon?

The initial challenge was finding a place for my salon in a crowded city like Mumbai.

Another challenge I faced was hiring staff. It takes a lot of time to train them and ensure that they are aware of what each service entails to our clients.

6) You have done everything form makeup, to hair style styling. Where do your preferences lie?

I love working with hair and giving fresh looks to my clients.


Annie is such an inspiration to beauty entrepreneurs  out there. Check out Chen’s Salon here:


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