Brittany Lo: Beautini

December 13, 2017

Brittany Lo’s passion for makeup began at the age of two. With previous marketing experiences working for brands such as L’OREAL USA and Redken 5th Ave, she went on to begin her own venture: Beautini. Beautini combines business and beauty  expertise by providing women with beauty services and bubbly so they can sip and enjoy themselves, making for the ultimate makeover experience.  Read on to find more about Brittany Lo and Beautini:

 Can you start off by telling us a bit more about yourself?

I grew up in upstate New York and am the oldest of four siblings. I discovered my passion for beauty at the age of two when I started doing ballet. Whenever I had to perform, I loved experimenting with my mom’s makeup.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always had a passion for beauty. After college, I began working at L’Oreal. During that period, the dry bar movement was taking place. I noticed that people were enjoying beauty services that created a fun environment. In addition to that, I was taking a services and marketing course.  I realized I wanted to start my own beauty company that would empower women. For me I wanted to create the intimate experience through a service rather than a product.

What have been some of challenges you faced as you scaled Beautini?

There were various challenges I faced on the way. The first was understanding how to cater to the different needs of clients. As our focus is on bridal makeup, we needed to understand what couples value. It was also vital that we understand the areas where there would be enough demand. Manhattan is the perfect location as it is the number one wedding market in America.

Where do you see the future of the Beautini?

I think one long term goal is to expand throughout the country and hopefully in other parts of the world where bridal business is thriving such as London. Ultimately, my primary goal is to empower women and build a community.

As someone, in the beauty industry, what are some current trends you see?

 I notice more and more people gravitating towards niche beauty brands. For example, Indie brands that contain top notch ingredients in their products and allow for this effortless natural look to be created.

What is some advice you have for college students interested in the beauty industry?

 As a college student take the time to make personal connections within the industry in both big beauty brands and smaller ones. It is also important to be proactive. Keep up with current trends, start your own blog, organize a beauty event on your campus, or even start your own beauty line. For example, when I was in high school I initiated my own mascara line.


It was such a pleasure speaking to Brittany and we are excited for where she takes Beautini. Check out her website here:






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