Carolyn Tierce: Camellia Skincare & Cosmetics

February 25, 2018

Carolyn Tierce is a mother and founder of Camellia Skincare and Cosmetics Inc. Camellia  has a range of cosmetic products carefully designed from well researched processes. Their thorough production process enables them to create products that are gentle and effective for all skin types. Read on more to find more about Carolyn and her brand Camellia:

Can you tell us a bit more about Camellia Skincare and Cosmetics  and why you decided to start the company? 

Having used these formulas as well as having access to an in house chemist for thirty years, I  formed Camellia Skincare & Cosmetics which allowed her to combine two ambitions . Bringing together her passion  for the products as well as my passion for the community allows Camellia to present true authenticity . Offering effective products while contributing to the community through philanthropic events allows me to be authentic.

What differentiates Camellia Skincare and Cosmetics from other beauty companies and who is your target customer?

Camellias approach is quite different from most. Our framework is geared toward putting others before yourself. While this may seem contrary to the beauty market , we wants our customers to put value on others as well as their skin.  The beauty industry implies that one is important therefore price point should not be an issue. I wanted to make her products accessible while minimizing cost in other areas.

Target audience has been the older population but also currently gearing toward the millennials.

What are some exciting partnerships and products we can look forward to? 

We recently partnered with Coastal Fashion week, which is the only multi state fashion show in the world. Models displayed their cosmetics on the runway.

What does it mean to you to be a #beautyboss? 

Being a “Beauty Boss” has surpassed my expectations. It is a great community of entrepreneurs who mentor each other . I do not consider Camellia as a competitor so to speak , only an asset to an already existing fantastic community of supporters.

Carolyn is an inspiration to all mothers and female entrepreneurs. We wish her the best of luck with Camellia! Check out Camellia products here:






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