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November 13, 2018


Gaurav Aggarwal, started his journey in the nutrition, wellness and pharmaceutical field at the young age of twenty. Twenty years hence, Gaurav today is Director of Lasons India Pvt Ltd, an established and reputed name in the global pharmaceutical industry with its products being exported to over 90 countries and supplying to the top known brands in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and feed industries. Onelife offers a variety of nutrition supplements online for men and women catering to problems of skin, bones, joints, heart, hair and immunity. Read on more to find out about Gaurav Aggarwal and Onelife:

Can you tell us a bit about more about Onelife and why you started Onelife? 
Gaurav Aggarwal who is the CEO of One Life India has about 18 years of experience across various industries from healthcare, pharmaceutical, entertainment & sports.  Stemming from experience and immense industry knowledge of almost four decades, OneLife India, a flagship brand of Lasons India Pvt Ltd brings you nutrition, wellness and beauty products to enrich your one life and live it right. A brand that believes one’s health is essential in making life meaningful and fulfilling. Focused on a goal of promoting health and wellness and making healthy living easy and accessible, OneLife has introduced this new range of vitamins, supplements and functional products that enrich one’s overall quality of life. Stemming from Indian roots, OneLife products are researched and developed keeping in mind the Indian diet, environmental conditions, lifestyle and routine. The products are designed within guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

In 2016 Gaurav conceptualized a healthcare consumer brand called “One Life” and successfully launched it in the market in Aug 2017. One Life is focused on nutrition, wellness & beauty.

Can you tell our readers, why is it important to take supplements/vitamins? 

In the urban space, not only is the consciousness about health and wellness constantly increasing, but there is also an increased desire to improve lifestyles and prevent any kind of diseases all together. Additionally, with the constant pressure of everyday stress, routine, deadlines, and lifestyle, taking care of one’s health and nutritional needs often takes a back seat. It is important to consume your regular intake of vitamins and supplements made with organic ingredients.  One Life is aimed to deliver this through their range of holistic supplements across categories- Nutrition, Beauty, Health, Wellness.

What are your beauty supplements formulated with and how often should one take them? 

With an ever-increasing range of vitamins and beauty supplements, OneLife takes care of all your nutrition, wellness and beauty concerns. From tackling various health concerns like bone health, cartilage care, joint health, heart health, hair nutrition, nail and skin health, daily energy, overall strength and wellness. Ranging from a multitude of ingredients researched and created, OneLife also offers various natural supplements which enhance the goodness of nature to give you the best natural health alternatives.

 A brainchild of Mr. Gaurav Aggrawal, Director of Lasons India and CEO of Onelife says, “The way food is consumed and lifestyle is evolving, it is hard for an everyday go-getter to fit in a wholesome diet and include healthy alternatives than opting for junk which is easily accessible. In this case, innovation is the key. One Life was incepted with one vision in mind – To help people live their one life right. Every product of One Life is researched and created to assist you to include a healthy alternative easily. After all, anytime is a good time to do the right thing and live your OneLife right.”

You are currently in over 16 cities nationally. Any plans on expanding further? 

Launched with just 8 products, today in 13 months the company has over 50 products ranging from Low GI sugar, multi vitamins, fish oils, organic cold pressed coconut & olive oils, herbal products etc. In the coming 3 months the company will introduce another 45 products in the market in the wellness and beauty space. These include a wide range of 100% handmade natural personal care products, organic honey etc.

Onelife is available pan India through its website and various e-commerce sites as well as offline through various partner pharmacies, nutritional and wellness stores and more making it accessible in over thirty five cities and counting. OneLife has also ventured into retail outlets to increase consumer awareness and education. With two stores in Delhi, OneLife will soon have their flagship outlets in Mumbai and Pune.

One life’s mission and aim is to help people live it right with preventive healthcare. The need for nutrition increases each day and life becomes more hectic and challenging. The content of nutrition in the food intake is reducing due to the quality of soil and various factors which makes it even more important to supplement the nutritional needs with functional foods, tablets, capsules, functional beverages etc.


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