Jacky Cen: Makeup Artist

December 22, 2017


Jacky Cen is currently a freshman at Babson College who is incredibly talented at applying makeup. He is a free lance makeup artist who draws his inspiration from current beauty trends, events, and other influencers. Read on to find out more about Jacky and his passion for makeup:

1) When and why did you get into applying makeup? 

In the beginning of tenth grade, I was struggling to figure out what kind of costume I was going to have for Halloween in October. I had to bright idea of dressing up as a drag queen and personally, if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it all out. So, in the weeks prior to Halloween, I started picking out a dress, heels, a wig, and even makeup. After experimenting with makeup that day, I got more and more into it. Of course, it wasn’t very good. Nothing was blended, colors didn’t match, foundation was too light, along with a plethora of other problems. However, I fell in love with doing makeup and began practicing more until I got the hang of it. Some of my friends began to ask me to do their makeup for fun, and eventually I turned it into a business. I began charging for special events, such as birthday parties or school performances, and started to build my clientele.

2) How did you learn how to apply makeup?

I started watching makeup videos on Youtube and started practicing on myself and my friends. It was very difficult at first, mostly because there are just so many terms and techniques and color theories to learn in the cosmetic world. I started out with cheap drugstore makeup and practiced different ways to apply foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and all the other steps. After learning the basics, I had a toolbox of skills that I could use to create new looks, branching out to even more creative projects like my recreation of the mermaid filter Snapchat had one time. One of my favorite youtubers to watch was Jaclyn Hill. She teaches very well and goes in depth with each step, giving her best advice and lots of helpful tips and tricks here and there.

3) Looking through your Instagram, I notice many of your looks are very creative. Where does the inspiration come for these looks? 

Lots of my inspiration comes current trends, other makeup artists, and other beauty influencers. However, most of the times, I’m just sitting in my room with all my makeup laid and out and just “free-beat.” It’s like free-drawing where you just draw whatever comes to mind, but with makeup. One of my favorite looks I’ve created had rainbow glitter tears. I knew I wanted to do something with glitter tears since it was such a big trend at the time, but the Pulse Club shooting had just happened. I incorporated rainbow colors into the tears and made that look a tribute to the victims that were killed simply for being LGBTQ and who they are. Also, when working with clients, they often don’t have an exact idea of what they want for their makeup and so I would be forced to come up with a look based off their dresses, accessories, and so on.

4) Do you plan on starting your own blog or uploading tutorials of your makeup looks? 

I’ve always wanted to start my own Youtube channel for makeup tutorials. In fact, I started one last year with a couple of tutorials named “Jacky Cen MUA.” However, the transition from high school to college has been a huge step in my life and I haven’t had much time to rejuvenate the channel. But, I plan on doing so in the future!


We hope that Jacky continues his passion for makeup. Check out his portfolio of looks here: https://www.instagram.com/jackyxcen/



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