Jennifer Gerard: Gerard Cosmetics

June 21, 2018

Jennifer Gerard is a businesswoman who is constantly creating and innovating. After her success with Whitening Lightning , a mobile teeth whitening service that grew into an international company, she decided it was time to channel some of that success into developing a makeup brand: Gerard Cosmetics. With their bold colors and iconic gold packaging, Gerard Cosmetics has attracted customers from all around the world. Read on more to find out about Jennifer and Gerard Cosmetics:

1.What inspired you to start Gerard Cosmetics, and how did your background in running a Teeth Whitening Company help you? 

We started making make up products the first year and it was actually one of the YouTubers we worked with at the time (Sophia Chang)  who suggested that we should put the products under their own brand. She felt that people wouldn’t realize how great they were because they were from a teeth whitening company. I thought it was a great idea and we discussed names. I bought the domain for Gerard Cosmetics and we launched a year later .

 2.Can you tell us a bit more about Gerard Cosmetics, and what differentiates it from other cosmetic brands? 

We are definitely a high touch brand. We go out of our way to be extra friendly and available in order to offer what we think is the best customer service in the industry. We are definitely not trying to do what other brands do in regards to products either. We put out the products that we think are either something that hasn’t been done before or a new twist on a staple type product. Our signature gold packaging is also a hallmark of the GC brand.

 3.You talk about how Gerard Cosmetics is a brand that goes beyond just selling makeup products. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

A GC we believe in community. We feel are most important task is giving back. The success of our brand has allowed us to help so many charities in our community. Our favorite projects are our Child & Family Center , Domestic Violence Center and Boy and Girls Club just to name a few . A couple of years ago I started something called the Tree of Second Chances. With this program, we choose a former victim of domestic violence and I donate $10,000 of my own money and mentor her to help her start a business. It has meant the world to me to put this program together. As we were in the process of choosing the first recipient I found myself in a situation of being stalked by a former employee. The work I was doing with the Tree of Second Chances was truly what got me through. Giving back is such a privilege and the success of the brand has allowed us to do so much. This is what our brand is all about. Giving back.

4.What are future plans for Gerard Cosmetics? 

We have so many new products planned and awesome things that we are working on. We will continue to listen to our followers, create , and give back. Just today we are launching a brand new product called Slay Away the Day . I really think it’s a game changer. It is a new make up melting bomb. It comes in three scents (lavender , peach and rose) to match our famous Slay All Day Setting Spray . It melts off all make up and leave the skin feeling like baby skin. We are so proud of this creation and can’t wait for the world to sample.

Jennifer is ambitious, inspirational, and we wish her the best of luck with Gerard Cosmetics. Don’t forget to check out her makeup brand here:

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