Keiko Sugimoto: Shucera Cosmetics

March 27, 2018


Keiko Sugimoto started Shucera Cosmetics, an e-commerce Japanese cosmetic company, a few years ago. Formulated with high quality ingredients, Keiko ensures that she delivers the best products for her customers. Read on more to find out about Keiko and Shucera:

Can you tell me more about Shucera Cosmetics and why you started it? 

Actually my husband’s friend and I decided to start it together. After discussing the idea of starting a beauty company, we realized the need to complete a formal training course in cosmetics.  I traveled outside Japan and studied how makeup and skincare products were manufactured. When I came back to Japan, due to circumstances, I was unable to initiate the company with my husband’s friend. However, I did not want my one month training to go to waste and so I started Shucera Cosmetics myself.

What differentitaes Shucera Cosmetics from other Japanese Companies? 

I actually monitor the manufacturing of my products in the factory. I like to ensure that my products are formulated with the highest quality of ingredients. One primary ingredient of our products is Ceramide, that helps hold skin cells together, forming a protective layer that hydrates the skin. Ceramide is safe for kids and even benefits patients with skin issues and elderly people who deal with wrinkles, skin hangers, and lines. Constantly using our products will better your skin  increasing your confidence and decreasing your dependency on makeup. 

What are popular beauty trends in Japan?

I notice that a lot of people use serums and people tend to invest in their skincare

Can you tell us where we can purchase Shucera products from? 

Currently, we only sell digitally on our website and through Amazon.


We admire Keiko’s determination in building and growing Shucera. Don’t forget to check out her products here:






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