Maile Pacheco: beGlammed

March 15, 2018

After getting frustrated with the inconvenience of travel to a salon to have hair or makeup done, Maile Pacheco launched beGlammed: an on-demand beauty service. beGlammed is a go-to mobile hair and makeup provider for everyone from working professionals, students, brides, and even celebrities like Jessica Alba. Read on more to find out about Maile and beGlammed: 

Why did you start beGlammed? 

I was actually working in LA at M.A.C as an artist relations specialist. Celebrities would come up to me and would ask me to find them makeup specialists for events. I recognized a need in the market for on-demand beauty services. Inspired by the Uber model, I decided to launch beGlammed in 2014, an on demand beauty service for clients. With a click of a button through your phone or latpop, beGlammed delivers professional hairstylists and makeup artists straight to your door.

What are the benefits of an on-demand beauty service? 

Traditional salons have limited reach geographically. Most likely, customers will go to salons near their neighborhood or work place. However, with beGlammed, our stylists can even reach the suburban parts of town, increasing the convenience for the customer. Customers do not have to worry about parking or leaving their home.  Stylists can be at a customers home within a  span of few hours at the client’s preferred time.

What differentiates beGlammed from the other on-demand beauty services? 

Our quality of service speaks volume. Our stylists go through an intense background check and we hire candidates with immense experience and who will deliver the best experience for our customers.

Clients also have the ability to browse an online “Stylebook” for inspiration when deciding their look. We give our clients the flexibility of choosing their look, payment method, time, location, and even stylist.

What are future plans for beGlammed? 

Today the app has expanded to 20 cities in North America, which is super exciting.  Although we have several competitors in Asia, we have received feedback from our clients that they want us to expand globally. Definitely keep an eye out for that!


Maile Pacheco was so sweet to chat with,and her passion for beauty and entrepreneurship is truly admiring. Don’t forget to book your next hair or makeup appointment with beGlammed:



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