Mariana Nikolova: Rosepost Box

September 4, 2018

Growing up in Bulgaria, rose oil and rose water were everywhere. Inspired by clean beauty and her passion for real rose ingredients, Mariana decided to start her own subscription box company: RosePost Box. RosePost box provides customers with a seasonal box filled with 3-5 full size rose-infused beauty items, all ingredient-conscious and cruelty-free. Read on more to find out about Mariana and RosePost Box.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and why did you decide to start Rosepost box?

I have a business background and worked in management consulting after business school, focusing on organization transformation. After becoming a mom, I decided to change my lifestyle and moved to independent consulting for more flexibility. It was the perfect stepping stone for starting my own venture and it was last year when I felt the timing was right for that – family- and career-wise.

A few things in my life (spreading many years) led to RosePost Box. I grew up in Bulgaria, the small European country often referred to as the Land of Roses for it produces the world’s finest rose oil – from the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. I remember rose-infused products were everywhere. I had always used and loved pure rose water for my sensitive skin. Fast forward many years – around the time I became a mom – I also became a lot more curious and aware of what actually went into my skincare products and those I used on my kids. Surprised about so many ingredients that were not safe, I started reaching out for products that were just simpler, healthier and fell in love with clean beauty. Driven by my Bulgarian heritage, my passion for clean, rose-infused beauty and meaningful gifts, I was inspired to create RosePost Box in 2017.

What are the different benefits of using rose in your skincare routine? 

A lot has been said and written on the benefits of using rose and rose-infused skincare. Rose as an ingredient in beauty has been celebrated throughout the centuries. While there are hundreds of rose species (and thousands of varieties), only a few are oil-bearing. Rosa Damascena (the damask rose) and Rosa Centifolia (the cabbage rose) are the two major types of rose cultivated for the production of rose oil. With more than 300 components, rose oil is highly complex, with proven antiseptic, healing and restoring properties. Rose oil and real rose ingredients are beneficial not only for the skin, but the mind and overall emotional wellbeing, and thus are used extensively in aromatherapy to uplift, soothe and relieve stress. To get the benefits of rose-infused beauty, it is important to choose products made with real rose ingredients. While there are numerous rose products on the market, many are synthetically fragranced and artificially colored. RosePost is on a mission to bring the benefits and luxury of rose oil and real rose ingredients to the beauty routine of the modern, eco-conscious woman.

How are you planning to expand? 

We started less than a year ago and are still small, at the beginning of our journey, learning and iterating as we go.  From a product standpoint, in addition to our seasonal subscription box, we offer limited edition boxes and we want to expand on our one-time gift boxes to offer more options for customers who want to celebrate a special occasion or just get a treat for themselves. We are also focusing on expanding our Shop section. From a geographical standpoint, we currently ship to the US and are looking to expand to Canada, however shipping options are expensive and we plan to take that step when it makes sense.

How have you been trying to market the brand? 

We are on social media (Instagram, Facebook) and we are trying to build a community based on authentic content and information about real rose ingredients, and clean rose beauty, and the indie brands behind the products, and the inspiration we draw from nature. We do some paid ads around the seasonal box releases, and special promotions we have. We partner with select blogs and influencers in the subscription model space and the clean beauty space to reach potential customers. At the core of the RosePost Box experience is a meticulous curation of clean rose-infused beauty, featuring authentic independent brands from North America and Europe (women- and family-owned). We love telling our partners’ stories via our curated seasonal collections. Those well-chosen partnerships are essential in building our brand DNA, in how we market the brand and in continuing our growth.

We loved speaking to Mariana and hearing about her unique venture. Don’t forget to subscribe to Rosepost Box here:

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