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November 29, 2017



Michele Tapp Roseman always hated her hair growing up. She wrote the book, Hairlooms: The Untangled Truth About Loving Your Natural Hair and Beauty , after years of trying to figure out how to love her own natural hair and come to terms with it. Read on more to find about Michele and her inspirational book:

1) Can you tell us a bit more about your book and what inspired you to write it? 

The concept for Hairlooms materialized after numerous, random encounters with women who asked about my natural afro and proceeded to tell me stories about their hair. Some of these impromptu conversations centered on product and hairstyle fails. Others pinpointed the best way to wear a *do* to work. These women were old, young, permed, and natural.  Over time, I realized that I and other African American women were wrestling with our own stories about hair and beauty. The root of the tension stemmed from words we spoke and others had spoken about our hair and beauty. While different in some ways, their journeys were a lot like my own.

I wanted to create a platform for Black women – and those who connect with us – to begin to write a new narrative about our hair and beauty. We can’t readily stop sectors of society from defining us and depicting us in particular ways. We can, however, control the way we see ourselves.

2) What has been the most effective way of raising awareness of your book and getting new customers? 

Traditional and social media have been the most effective ways for me to introduce Hairlooms to the world.

3) How does your book differentiate from other beauty and hair books?

Hairlooms is distinguished from other books for several reasons:

  • Hairlooms helps readers to love themselves from the inside out. While the non-fiction book addresses outer beauty, my natural hair journey is just a springboard for unearthing unhealthy beauty beliefs. Personally overcoming the trauma of sexual assault, a disrupted adoption, and infertility have given me expert knowledge about extracting beauty from traumatic experiences. Unlike other beauty books, my triumphs help readers discover and overcome deep-seated issues that may block self-love.
  • Hairlooms introduces readers to more than 30 highly esteemed contributors who touch on some aspect of women’s hair and beauty. Hailing from Australia to Alabama, my readers are certain to find their *voice* as these amazing men and women transparently discuss different aspects of this topic.
  • Hairlooms empowers readers to put their knowledge into action! Each chapter closes with self-help exercises that allow them to discover and create actionable steps a successful self-love journey. Hairlooms also features an amazing coloring page; coloring is a wonderfully cathartic process and a great complement too the written content.

4) What are some upcoming goals you have in your career?  

In the upcoming year, I will share the Hairlooms message with audiences via speaking engagements in colleges, churches, and corporations. I am eager to help people understand the concrete steps needed to love themselves in the face of adversity.


Michele is such an inspiration to all females who struggle with their hair. Check out her book here: http://hairloomsthebook.com/



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