Neha Raman: Rungh

August 26, 2017

Rungh, which means color in Hindi, is Neha Raman’s latest venture. This online nail polish company sells customized nail polish colors that creates over 132 shades.  Currently, a student at Temple University, Neha has also been featured on the national show: Girl Starter. Read on to find out more about Rungh and its amazing girl boss Neha Raman:

Can you tell us a bit more about Rungh and how it differentiates from other nail polish companies?

Rungh offers the world’s first Do-it-yourself nail polish set which allows you to create your own custom shades of nail polish. Most mainstream Nail Polish brands release new colors on a seasonal basis, however they don’t allow you to customize your own shade.

What inspired you to start Rungh? 

When I was in high school I was really into nail art and I had this crazy growing nail polish collection. But, when I went to the store I got tired of seeing the same colors over and over again and just wanted to create my own custom shade. After realizing that there wasn’t a product out there that could do this, I thought this would be something very cool to create to change up the marketplace. Plus, I wanted this product more for myself!

What were some challenges you faced/or continue to face with running your own company?

One of the biggest challenges is that our product has a learning curve. Without some sort of demo it’s hard to understand how the product works – especially if you are just looking at a picture of it. Also, in the beauty space everything is dependent on branding and so becoming a new beauty brand is extremely challenging because you have to prove yourself as a great brand.

Any exciting future ventures or collaborations  we can look forward to with Rungh? 

Nothing I can announce as of now, but I definitely have some exciting plans!


Neha Raman is truly an inspiration to all college students out there and we look forward to her future with Rungh.

Check out Rungh here:

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