Nikita Deshpande: Ilana Organics

November 1, 2018

Ilana Organics is a brand founded by Nikita Deshpande, who was introduced to the organic space during her college. Blown away by healthy alternatives she understood that simply talking about the benefits of going organic won’t cut it. At a mere age of 21, Nikita started Ilana Organics: an organic personal care brands made of 100% natural ingredients. The brand is all about making a shift in lifestyle, from chemical dependency to sustainability. Read on more to find out about Nikita and Ilana Organics:

Can you tell me a bit about your background and why you decided to start Ilana Organics?
I was 21 when I founded the brand and was introduced to the organic space during college. Having studied design helped me to bend her brain in ways I thought I never could. I was blown away by healthy alternatives and understood that simply talking about the benefits of going organic won’t cut it. I then did my research and brainstormed for a while before deciding to start this venture. I wanted to not only look beautiful but also feel pretty.

What are the challenges of being a young entrepreneur?

-Everything happened so spontaneously, that I never had the time to think what i was getting into. Being young more often than not I have to deal with people who are elder to me, who can be persuasive and dominant. I am somebody who takes things a little too seriously. I have to keep on reminding myself to have thick skin and not let the stress get to me. Also being young dealing with life changing decisions is kindoff daunting. But it helps having an extremely efficient team of people who have always got my back.

What differentiates your products and why is it important people start using organic products?

So they are different because there’s no adulteration. It’s 100% material and there’s no dilution in either water or glycerine or even aloevera gel. They come in 100% material form and that’s what makes it so effective on the skin

How do you plan on growing the brand? – 

In the future I see Ilana Organics branching into sustainable home decor and organic wooden furniture. Precisely home decor products made out of natural up-cycled materials and fibers. “We need more sustainable choices/ solutions in our lives, and I fully intend to see my initiative through.” I also want to go international in the near future and reach out to as many people as possible.
Nikita is an inspiration to all young beauty entrepreneurs and we are fascinated by her ability to bring the brand to life and  spearheaded the entire process  from scratch. Don’t forget to check out her products:

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