Nova Covington: Goddess Garden

November 15, 2017


Nova Convington realized a need for change in the skincare industry when her first daughter, Paige, was allergic to the chemicals in traditional bath and cosmetic products. With a herbalist background, Nova created Goddess Garden: a safe skincare line using pure minerals as the active agents for sun protection. Read more to find out about Nova and Goddess Garden:

What inspired you to start Goddess Garden?

I started my company for my baby daughter whose sensitive skin reacted poorly to synthetic chemicals. With the help of my supportive husband, I started making all my family’s own body products in our kitchen. We shared our products with friends and family, and then sold our bodycare items at farmer’s markets and festivals. Fast-forward to today, and our products are in 22,000 natural and conventional stores nationwide, as well as in several other countries.

What’s special about the ingredients?

Everything! We use plant-powered ingredients and natural minerals that allow people to eliminate toxins from their homes and their environment. They are just as—if not more—effective than their harsh chemical counterparts. For example, the natural minerals zinc and titanium provide better sun protection than oxybenzone and won’t destroy coral reefs or cause hormone disruption. They are also very gentle on the skin, unlike oxybenzone which is a leading allergen. We also offer wrinkle-reducing facial care without harsh, irritating retinol and we just introduced a line of perfumes that are free from phthalates and mystery chemicals.

Your sunscreen can be found in various places such as CVS and Walmart. What are your future plans?

Without going into specifics, our plan is to make our safe and effective natural products more accessible to more people. We feel everyone should have the chance to avoid toxins and chemicals, no matter where they shop. Safe products shouldn’t be a luxury item.

What differentiates Goddess Garden from other organic beauty brands? 

There are a lot of things that make us different. We’re motived by my daughter’s need for clean products and full transparency with ingredients. That stays in our minds with every product we make. We then want to make those products accessible since we know people are busy and may not have the time to shop around. A third differentiator, and perhaps the biggest one, is our desire to create a better overall experience for our customers. The “better” piece varies from person to person. Maybe “better” is the lack of harsh chemicals. Maybe it’s a better mineral sunscreen experience from a natural product that goes on sheer and isn’t greasy. All our products will always be highly effective and made with clean, plant-powered ingredients. They will also offer the results our customers want, with the convenience they need.


It was exciting to hear Nova’s story and hear about the change her products are bringing to society. Check out Goddess Garden’s website:



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