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July 24, 2018

Ramy believes in“Minimum makeup, Maximum impact!” Ultimately, all you need are a few products, applied correctly,  to enhance your features. Known as the “Willy Wonka” of the beauty world, Ramy strives to bring innovative formulas and cool packaging as he develops his RAMY beauty therapy® product collection. With a celebrity clientele and ability to bring fresh products to the market,  Ramy has paved his way in the beauty industry. Read on more to find out about Ramy and his beauty line:

1) How and why did you start Ramy Cosmetics? 

I started Ramy Cosmetics after gaining fame as an eyebrow expert and makeup artist when working as Makeup director at a top Fifth Avenue salon. I had developed the makeup line for the salon and built up a clientele, then was diagnosed with Lymphoma. While the cancer was caught early, I had to undergo five months of Chemo and a month of daily radiation. I went to work at the salon every day during Chemo and just as I was about to begin radiation treatment, the salon fired me, telling me, “You’re not the pretty boy we hired” I took my thing and went home and started working for myself. Luckily, many clients followed me and one year later I launched Ramy cosmetics at Bergdorf Goodman. The same month I launched my brand the salon that fired me when out of business!

2) With so many beauty brands out there, how does Ramy Cosmetics differentiate itself?

That’s not easy. When I first started Ramy cosmetics what differentiated me from everyone else was that I had products that were universally flattering – like one powder compact that works on any skintone. I also was one of the first to off multi-purpose products like my Face glosses that give color to eyes, cheeks and lips. The multi-purpose products really speak to my philosophy of “Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact!”

3) What are some must-have products from your line for those customers who are new to the brand?  

My most popular products are my Perfect Brow Wand http://www.ramy.com/perfect-brow-wand/ , My Liqui-Powder elixir foundation: http://www.ramy.com/elixir-liqui-powder-foundation/ and my Blush in Alive! http://www.ramy.com/pure-color-blush/

4) Any exciting products or collaborations we can look forward to? 

I recently launched “Glowcomotion” Illuminating coconut oil. Its an all-natural coconut oil that illuminates. You can use it as a highlighter, moisturizer, body lotion and hair conditioner! http://www.ramy.com/glowcomotion-illuminating-coconut-oil/

Thank you Ramy for chatting with us! Don’t forget to check out Ramy’s products here: http://www.ramy.com

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