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November 2, 2017

Stefan Batory, the co-founder and CEO of Booksy is ranked first among the 50 Most Creative People in Business. His growing start up, Booksy,  is a booking system for people looking to schedule appointments for health & beauty services. Customers can download the app or visit the website to book various services. Read on to find out more about Stefan and his exciting creation; Booksy:

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am a mathematician by education and ran a number of software development companies. I was doing projects for banks and governmental organizations. Six years ago, I launched my first taxi hailing app called iTaxi. Shortly after is when I launched Booksy.

How did the idea of Booksy come to you?

We were doing projects for a classified media company in the US, Brazil and in other parts of Asia. We noticed that they were struggling in print and needed to go “mobile”. At that time, I also noticed a huge demand with home services. I analyzed my app iTaxi and realized we had issues with taxi dispatching companies as there was a highly distributed supply and demand side, but nothing in the middle.

I also remember I had to see my physiotherapist time to time. I could not schedule my appointment as no one seemed to be picking up the phone in the office. I was in desperate pain and tried to call and text him, but there was no response. This also made me realize the need  platform to connect the supply and demand side for services.

How does Booksy differentiate itself from other booking apps such as Style Seat or Schedule One?

Firstly, we have the best app. Our app is customer friendly and easy to use. Secondly, we implement a merchant first approach and excellent customer service. Finally, we have a fair business model as we do not charge our customers too much.

As a paid app, what challenges do you face?

 Is it interesting because I have noticed that it does not matter as long as people see the value in our app. The challenge is to convey the message of Booksy. People do not realize how easy it is to book a service through the app. When you think of booking an appointment “online” it sounds difficult as people are still stuck to this idea of pen and paper. However, once a person starts using Booksy, they will realize it is a service that cannot be compared to paper and pen as it enables clients to book appoints so easily and quickly.

How else has Booksy helped your clients? 

It has made it easier for our clients to book their appointments outside working hours. I have noticed that 60% of our clients now book their appointments outside working hours. We also see an increase in frequency. For example, clients will go to their hair dresser 8 times a year rather than just 6.


It was lovely speaking to Stefan and to hear his journey of creating Booksy! Check out Booksy here:





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