Terry Liau: Omorose Cosmetics

February 6, 2018

While visiting Egypt, Terry Liau, founder of Omorose Cosmetics, was amazed by the wall paintings depicting the Egyptian queens. Omorose, which means beautiful in Egyptian, is a Malaysian cosmetic company formulated with natural preservatives to suit any skin color. At its core, Omorose believes in  equal access and employment opportunities for the disabled. Their make-up tables, counters, and display shelves are accessible for wheelchair users, and 80% of their workforce is made up of people with disabilities. Read on to find out more about Terry Liau and Omorose Cosmetics: 

Can you tell us a bit more about Omorose and what inspired to begin the company?
Yes, definitely. First of all, I have always been passionate about make-up and the change it could bring to a person’s appearance, and subsequently, confidence. Then, my involvement with make-up formulation sparked my interest in creating a range of make-up that is for everyone, and I mean ‘everyone’. That is why we say we are ‘creating products from the heart which deliver exceptional results’. On top of that, it is my personal commitment that Omorose Cosmetics’ products are free of harmful ingredients, so that people feel safe using them.

How did your previous experience as a make-up artist specializing in ‘Prosthetic Make-up’ and Special Make-Up Effects help develop Omorose?
As I mentioned, the ‘power’ (in a sense) of make-up truly fascinated me, and my experience in prosthetic make-up and special make-up effects highlighted it further. Equipped with the understanding of the contours of our face, and how colours or even techniques of application could affect the result of one’s make-up, I do my best to take different careful measures in formulating and designing Omorose Cosmetics’ products – experimenting, testing, and gathering feedback.

You have traveled and worked in over 30 countries. What are some global beauty trends you noticed?
In general, people want to have a flawless skin, and they would invest in good products that not only give them good coverage, but also effective protection. So, we are looking at skin foundation or powder that could in effect ‘care’ for the skin while allowing the complexion to radiate beauty and youthfulness. Oh yes, lip products such as lip balms, lipsticks, andlip glosses are always universally popular.

What differentiates Omorose’s core values and products from other Malaysian beauty companies?
This goes back to my initial motivation: a make-up range for everyone. It means we are not only talking about the appearance of beauty, but the access to beauty. Omorose Cosmetics is the very first beauty brand in Malaysia insisting on ensuring that all our counters and shelves are accessible to wheelchair users, and our packaging has embossed Braille wordings for the persons with visual impairment. Besides that, 80% of our team are made up of persons with disabilities; all of whom are highly skilled and capable in their fields. So, I would say, what makes us different is our firm commitment to equality, safety, and most importantly, without compromising the quality.


Terry Liau is an inspiring entrepreneur who is using his platform in the beauty industry to empower people from different races and with disabilities. Don’t forget to check out Omorose Cosmetics here: http://omorosecosmetics.com/

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