Tony Rechtman: INIKA Organic

June 7, 2018

Tony Rechtman recognized a need to bring organic and natural makeup. With a strong marketing career in Australia and four years of experience of OPI, under his company, Total Beauty Network he relaunched INIKA Organic. As the name itself suggests, INIKA Organic is a beauty company founded in Sydney that focuses on makeup that are void of harmful chemicals. Read on more to find out about Tony and INIKA Organic:

1.Briefly describe your background in retail cosmetics and why you started INIKA cosmetics? 

It was roughly a decade ago that my wife, Sharon and I decided that we wanted to bring healthy, ethical cosmetics to the beauty market. This was the start of our company Total Beauty Network. Sharon and I gained much of our experience in the US, working for large multi-nationals such as OPI and Toyota. We knew early on that it was important to gain a variety of experience in different sized companies if we wished to start our own. As our first two brands flourished in Asia Pacific, we realised that we wanted to work to build a pioneer in the luxury cosmetics market, it was then that we came across INIKA Organic. We loved the initial work that had been done on the brand and it’s founder passed the torch to us to carry on the mission to create luxury cosmetics that were highly certified and 100% natural. From 2013 onwards, we re-developed all formulas, gained additional certification and relaunched the brand with a new look and feel. Fast forward to 2018 and INIKA Organic is now a global brand, sold in more than 33 countries worldwide.

2. What are vegan cosmetics and why is it important that more people turn towards vegan products?

There is a global focus on vegan foods but many people are still unaware at the astonishing quantity of animal products in their makeup and skincare. Quite simply we believe that luxury cosmetics do not need to contain ingredients derived from animals or their bi-products, so why continue to use ingredients that are harmful to living creatures? In the past red pigments could only be achieved by crushing live beetles (keep an eye out for anything that contains Carmine) or with harsh synthetics. We worked tirelessly to create natural versions of everyone’s favourite red shades, without compromising on our commitment to luxury performance.

3.What are some ingredients customers should watch out for when shopping for cosmetics? 

Red flags for those wanting to keep to a vegan beauty routine are ingredients listed as Carmine. Other disguised versions of Carmine are often listed as Carminic Acid, Natural Red 4, 1343-78-8, B Rose Liquid, Sun Red No. 1 and more. All of these are derived from the Cochineal beetle.

4.What are some branding strategies that have been implemented to further INIKA’s position in Australia?

From our relaunch we have strived to build relationships with makeup artists and influencers in the natural, lifestyle and beauty space. Rather than employing traditional paid advertising strategies, we rely on the word of mouth generated from key industry players. Most recently we have received accolades from Academy Award winning actress Hillary Swank, Supermodel Rose Bertram and even Hollywood it-girl and activist, Emma Watson.

After speaking to Tony, it was clear that our skin needs a detox as well. Don’t forget to check out INIKA Organic:

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